How it works.

So you’re thinking about calling, texting or emailing for IT assistance?  How does this work once you get on the phone with us?

  • Basically you describe the problem to me and then we determine if it’s something I can help you with.
  • If you decide you want the assistance then the next step is to get me connected to the computer or computers having the issues through the internet.  (I will guide you through this it’s a fairly quick process)
  • My fee is $50 per hour.
  • I require my first hour of payment upfront.  I have been ripped off once too many. If you are not willing to do this then I am not interested in working with you.  When the hour is coming to a close I will tell you and ask if you want to continue to work or not.  You can stop right then if you wish without worry.    If you want to continue you will need to pay for another hour upfront.  It’s a pay as you go system.  You can have me work as much or as little as you’re comfortable with.

This is the way I operate and I find it fair for all the parties involved.


Document, Image and form conversion services.

Do you have forms that are in image format?  Either pdf or jpg or some other picture format?  Would you like to make these forms editable in word or excel?  What I provide is the service to convert these files for you thus saving you time and effort in the future. The service works like this.  You send the documents you want converted via email, dropbox or whatever digital transfer method you want.  I take the time to convert them. At that point you can decide if you want just the converted documents/forms or if you want to pay for any edits/formatting.  I charge $25 dollars for up to 20 documents without any formatting/edits after conversion.  If you want the documents formatted (with additional text, logos, etc) this can be done for an additional $25 per hour.

If you’re interested please contact me:

Call or Text – 919-926-8213

Email –