Welcome to our little corner.

Welcome to our blog.  Here you will find tips and information as well as links to helpful articles on small business and technology that goes along with running a business.  I feel passionately about this area because i’ve seen too many small businesses overcharged for their IT needs over the years.  A lot of frustration surrounds this whole area because a lot of the time you as the business owner are paying a lot of money for IT services and you do not get quality service and at times the IT people you deal with are rude and talk down to you.  I feel that you are an expert in your field and I am an expert in mine but we definitely can learn from each other to make this the best experience possible going forward.  For me customer service is one of the most important things to get right when I work with my clients.  I like to do the job right but also in a way that leaves my client feeling like they are valued and listened to.